During the summer of 2008, we saw what many of never thought that we would- a surge in gas prices that brought the national average to over $4 per gallon. What did this mean for those of us who owned SUVs or who filled up with premium unleaded versus regular unleaded? It meant that each time we had to fill up our vehicles from empty, it was costing us upwards of $75 each time! If you were like most people and had to commute at least fifteen to twenty minutes to work each day Autel MaxiCheck MX808, each way- then this amount quickly added up. At one point, I remember getting my paycheck and barely breaking even because of all the money I was spending simply to shuttle myself to and from my workplace.

Nowadays, the gas prices aren't so bad. In January of 2008, most prices average around $1.78. However, recently, we have begun to see a steady rise in the price of gas once again with prices creeping up past $2 a gallon. Even $2 a gallon is huge because it simply means more money that you're shelling out at the gas stations. Some people are blaming it on the Obama administration, saying that he is doing this as a part of a ploy with the auto industry makers GM, Chrysler and Ford to pay union workers more money. This very well may be true. One thing is for certain though, with unemployment rates at the highest that they've ever been in years, it seems that things will only get worse before they get better.

What baffles me is that unemployment rates are so high yet the gas prices are continuing to rise. Do they honestly think that those who are unemployed (let alone those who are trying to keep their jobs) are going to be able to afford to pay for high gas prices let alone gas prices at all? It doesn't really seem to make sense. People are resourceful when times are tough though. Increased numbers of people have turned to carpooling, mass transit such as buses, trains and vans as well as digging their old bicycles out of the shed. Why, just the other day, I saw two men wearing suits and ties with computer bags slung over their shoulders, riding their bicycles along the sidewalk. Admittedly, it looked somewhat awkward, but who can blame them? I'm sure that we'll continue to see more of these types of things as time goes on.

Additionally, people have slowed down in buying new cars and have now turned to purchasing used cars, realizing the value that can be had by doing this. The gas crisis hasn't had all of that negative of an effect. It is forcing us to find other alternative means of transportation; and in increasing instances, it is forcing us to get out more and exercise. While travel has been somewhat restricted for many of us Autel Maxisys MS908CV, we are rediscovering our families and having fun with 'staycations' versus making long drives to destinations beyond the scope of our wallets.

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