The MOT is unavoidable. That makes it prime territory for cowboys, shysters and all the other forms of mechanical low life that tend to slip under the radar of the general public. The bad guys, in the mechanics?trade, know that most people can抰 tell a brush spring from a wishbone ?and they use that knowledge to milk a little extra cash, here and there, from their MOT station. If a person doesn抰 know pistons from limiters then he or she can easily be charged a little bit more for work that doesn抰 need doing, when the dreaded MOT rolls around.

So ?how is anyone supposed to avoid the threat posed by dodgy MOT testing centres? First thing to do is look for an MOT centre that is quite happy for the customer to remain during the tests, and view them from a viewing area. If asked, the garage or mechanics running the MOT station should be happy to explain the tests, and to go through anything they feel needs fixing, in detail, with a customer before proceeding. The best MOT test depots tend to have big public information posters next to their MOT observation bays, which run through, in clear language, every step a mechanic will be taking over the course of the hour TOPDON ArtiHD I. Trustworthy MOT testing centres all tend to be open and honest, with plenty of display about the MOT, and viewing areas clearly marked. If one goes to an MOT station and feels that the answers one is getting are evasive, or that the staff are clearly not interested in giving out information, there抯 a simple remedy: drive off and find somewhere else.

By the same token that marks the MOT as good feeding ground for sharks, it抯 also a fine opportunity to exercise a little customer power. Unfortunately, that抯 not always as easy as it sounds ?the dodgy MOT testing centres are almost always staffed by mechanics who try and push a customer into having their MOT done with them. They抣l make all sorts of disparaging comments about the garage down the road; they抣l adopt that 揻ather knows best?sort of air, friendly but condescending, as if to say, now, we know you抮e worried that we won抰 do a good job but you抣l regret it if you don抰 choose us. Ultimately, it抯 down to the strength of will of the customer suspecting and MOT station of being less than kosher to walk away Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. The more people that do, the fewer suspect MOT testing centres there will be.

A car is an important piece of equipment, liberating and wholly necessary. It抯 also the most common cause of death in the UK. That, of course, is why the MOT is so important ?and why it抯 proven so easy for unscrupulous MOT depots to have their wicked way with the wallets of non-expert vehicle owners. Apply a little common sense, though, to the choice of an MOT station and one is very rarely disappointed. Adopt one simple rule, when approaching MOT testing centres, and everything will run smoothly ?both in the vehicle and on the wallet. If in doubt, walk out.

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