Transponder keys are a high security way to safeguard your vehicle, through the use of radio waves as opposed to traditional lock and key. They were invented primarily as a means to prevent car theft, and are highly effective at doing just that. When you need transponder keys made for an emergency, for a lost set of keys, or as a spare pair, you can not call on just any old Chicago Locksmith. Instead, you have to find one that can work with them.

Transponder keys are coded and given to you when you buy a car. There is an embedded transmission chip that is installed into each individual key to allow the vehicle to start. Without the key, you have no chance of starting the car. This incredible innovation in automotive security has made hot wiring or stealing a car nearly impossible. The only way a car that operates with a transponder key can be stolen is to steal the actual keys themselves.

Another great thing about transponder keys is that they can also be canceled if they are stolen. If someone steals your car keys or worse yet, your car, you can easily have the locksmith or dealership cancel the keys. This will render the car impossible to start.

Spare keys are made for transponder keys, but they still have to be programmed before they will function properly. Blank keys as they are commonly called can be acquired through many Chicago locksmiths, but you should be sure that the locksmith is bonded and insured before dealing with them. They have to not only give you the keys, but also be able to activate them. Otherwise, you have ones that are rather useless. Most people go to a Chicago locksmith for their spare or emergency transponder keys because it is much less expensive to do so. Nobody wants to pay the inflated dealer prices for them.

Chicago locksmiths are very good at cutting these blank transponder keys and then pairing them up with your vehicle. The key is to deal only with the better known and licensed locksmiths in your area. These particular keys are far too complicated and advanced for the layman to attempt to do, so unlicensed locksmiths are not advised. They would likely hurt your car far more than help you out of your automotive security problem Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

Another common problem with these keys are when they break off or become stuck in the ignition or door of your vehicle. A good Chicago locksmith can easily extract your broken key and provide you with a transponder key that will work. It is very convenient that you can settle both the broken key and get a new key all at once.

Because transponder keys are not cheap, you need to make certain that you have the right keys when you buy a used car Autel Diaglink. Car dealerships can, of course, program these keys to their particular make of car, but you will pay a much heavier price than a typical car key would cost. Going to a dependable Chicago locksmith can save you money and likely a ton of time over a dealership, so keep that in mind when you need new set made.

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