Did you know, you can clean just about everything you own....without A SINGLE DROP OF water? Eliminate the use of running water, buckets, cleaning compounds, polishes, waxes, hoses, drying towels, looking for pesky pocket change for quarters & waiting in line at the car wash with our revolutionary cutting edge technology in Dri Wash n Guard International's (DWG) Dri Wash n' Guard YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO!!!

You really have no idea what your vehicle's finish can look like yet until you've used this revolutionary waterless product! All you need are 2 terry cloth towels and approximately 2-3 oz of Dri Wash and that will clean, polish, seal, and UV protection the finish on an any vehicle.

DWG's revolutionary high tech car care products are to be used without the use of water and are safe for the environment, YOU and your car, van, boat, truck, plane, snowmobile, atv or s.u.v. finish. Dri Wash n Guard waterless car wash is safe for all types of vehicle finishes. Dri Wash n Guard can be used to clean your entire vehicle without using water and your vehicle' s finish will have a bright lustrous shine.

DRI WASH N GUARD has nearly 50 lubrication ingredients, The solution contains sealants (no wax, silicone, or Teflon) in order to seal previous scratches so that they won't get any worse. as well it contains polish to give your car a glorious shine and finally, it adds a protective glaze blocking out UV rays and other harsh elements like snow, rain, hail that your car encounters while it spends its days on the road. Does it sound to good to be true? Well, Dri Wash n Guard performs even better than it sounds. You will truly be astounded

Dri Wash Guard will emulsify and easily lift dirt after you spray it on and buff it out. It only takes about 25 minutes to clean your car with this revolutionary product.

Approximately 2-3 ounces applied properly of this formula for the average size car and 2 soft, clean micro fibre terry cloth towels. That's it.

No water is nessicary EVER, No rinsing your vehicle, No dirty oily buckets, No Wet sponges EVER, No more long hours of waxing ever again, No more spray guns, just DRI WASH N GUARD and 2 MICRO FIBRE terry cloth towels. It should take you anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to wash on the first go around, once you get used to dwg it will take 20-25 minutes TOPS to clean, seal, polish and UV protect your vehicle's BEAUTIFUL finish. Still washing your car the old fashioned way??....... going to the car wash and using 100-150 gallons of water? Try Dri Wash n Guard! Save over 500 gallons of water per bottle launch x431 pro mini.....NOW THAT'S MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

What do you get with dri wash n guard that's different from every other product being sold on the market?? Next to your home, your car, van, truck, motor home, boat, snowmobile, atv or s.u.v. Your precious vehicle is most likely your second highest investment isn't it?

This hi-tech protective polymer glaze keeps your vehicle's finish from damaging elements such as UV rays, road salt, acid rain, weather, sticky sap from trees, hard water, bird poop etc. Have you ever had to clean dung poop off of your vehicle? If you have, then you know that if you don't clean it off immediately that it can badly stain your car's finish and that's not a pretty thought is it? All of these elements plus many more all lead to the down fall of your vehicle's finish and the road to oxidation and a new paint job.

Dri Wash n Guard is so simple to use while your vehicle is parked in front of your house, in the drive way, garage, Wal Mart Autel Maxisys MS908CV, or in a grocery store parking lot! Whenever you feel like cleaning, polishing, and UV protecting your finish, you can do it anywhere at any time no questions asked. You can use it in the winter time when its 30 degrees outside or in the summer time when its 90 degrees outside, which ever you prefer.

You will be more than satisfied with all of DWG's products once you try and see the results with your own eyes.

Mike Lloyd Dri Wash N Guard Director 1-800-519-3226
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