Where were you in 1967? Still in high school, Nam, or straddling a Triumph Motorcycle? Even before that point in time, Triumph Motorcycles was synonymous with distinguishing characteristic, power, looks with motorcycle production whose designs were second to none.

Today they haven't lost that touch and if you desire they are still producing a rocket between your legs. The inspiration and manufacturing fascination that gave birth to the iconic Triumph Bonneville, the motorcycle to end all motorcycles of the wild 60's has designed the eye-catching Rocket III and the instantly recognizable, unmistakable Speed Triple.

From day one, the soul of Triumph's beliefs has always been a solid pledge to designing and producing truly only one of its kind motorcycles that combine stunning, distinguishing looks, but also blow your socks off performance. Triumph motorcycles has always provided that special experience by engineering motorcycles that combine a immense riding experience blended by a well-balanced, straightforward perfect handling chassis mounted with a strong muscular, supple get behind me engines. With this winning combination, it results in an inspirational line of motorcycles combining intelligent design with unbelievable performance.

When occasionally my mind works, I can remember from the 60's the status of Triumph as being a hold on to your britches bike. I can still see vividly in my eye's mind, this scrawny dude with this mammoth Triumph having to scramble up on his seat and then jump down on the kick start because he didn't have sufficient strength to transport the engine to life. I was amused at this funny site but when that Triumph fired up, the hilarity turned toward envy because he owned a Triumph and I did not.

The Triumph Bonneville was announced as the end of all end motorcycles when it was introduced. To own a Bonneville meant you were predestined to never owning another motorcycle again. The reputation was very well earned. A few years later out Triumph introduce the Norton and guess what, you needed it, and no you had to have it. So much for being predestined!

Triumph motorcycles are rich in history. They supported the war effort during the big WWI and WWII Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. Their bikes were made famous during the war times. Remember all the war movies that had a soldier riding a motorcycle? Chances are, it was probably a Triumph. Once the war was over, the former field soldiers in England and America wanted to own one of these impressive machines.

Today, the rebirth of Triumph has been completed. Without a doubt, it has remained true to it roots. The production of the exhilarating Triumph Cruiser such as the Rocket III gets the adrenaline pumping just taking the time to see one in person. As soon as you see it, that little voice is calling "I gotta have one of these". The Triumph Bonneville has not been retired and still is strikingly cool. Once your eyes see the Triumph Speed Triple, there remains no doubt that Triumph is back. Just sitting still, this design marvel is telling you "I am a rocket, proceed with caution". Aren't you glad that some old things can change and still revolve into something better?

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