Motorcycle Grips can be customized to suit your kind of bike whether its a Harley or a sport bike their are all sorts of grip styles out there. One is bound to fit your bike and your style. Motorcycle grips can be just plain old rubber grips like what you see standard on sport bikes and cruisers or they can be extremely fancy like the stuff you see on custom choppers that cost 40k. Prices on grips can vary from a few bucks to a few hundred depending on the style and the material that they are made from. Some cycles also offer the ability for you to have heated motorcycle grips for those of you that ride in cold weather this is a huge plus. Grips are generally made from things like rubber on the cheap side, billet aluminum which can get pretty expensive or Anodized steel.

Sport Bike Grips tend to lean more toward the functional side where cruiser grips are fancier and more ornate. Sport bike grips are usually made from rubber or a combination of rubber and gel to make riding easier on your hands. Most Superbike grips are really inexpensive. Expect to pay no more then twenty bucks for a good set. Some of the companies that make good grips for sport bikes are Parts Unlimited, Progrip, and Grab ON Grips. All of them make a quality product which is perfect for fitting on to your sport bike. Also Diamond Power Sports makes some really nice billet aluminum grips for the Suzuki GSXR line. These are pretty pricey at around $149 for a set, however if you want a bling then they are the way to go for your Gixxer.

Now Cruiser Grips come in many variations however most of them are quite decorative. You can show your attitude depending on the grips you slap on your cruiser. You can get some with a spike on the end or a skull just to give you some examples. Arlen Ness makes several really beautiful grips for bikes. Cruiser hand grips tend to be made from billet aluminum or a combination of aluminum, rubber or foam. Unlike sport bike grips the cruiser counterparts are available from fairly cheap to a few hundred bucks for a set of really nice ones. However a nice grip will put the finishing touches on a bike. To make your bike even more unique you can also find end caps that will further differentiate your bike from everyone else launch x431 pro plus. End caps usually go on the end of a grip and usually are in the form of a spike or a skull or such. Heated grips are also available for most cruisers, if you commute on your bike this can be a very vital item to keep you comfortable in cold weather. For cruisers you can find a quality hand grip set by makes like Kuryakyn, Showchrome, Arlen Ness, Drag Specialties, Galindo Designs, Jardine or Pro1. Kuryakyn and Arlen Ness make some of the nicer motorcycle hand grips in my opinion.

Dominik Hussl is the owner of Chaotic Motorsports an online retailer of motorcycle parts and gear. For more information visit our site and browse our selection of parts & gear launch x431 v+.
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