I own a used Volkswagen Polo with my boyfriend, which we bought a few months ago at a used VW dealership. It was a well thought-through purchase, as we had been hunting for months to find the perfect car. One day my boyfriend wants to own a VW Golf all by himself, but at the moment a Polo meets his needs and manages to make him happy. You see, he has always been slightly obsessed with the Volkswagen brand, and as such owning one of their smart little hatchbacks with their great engines is a little like a dream come true!

For his Birthday last November, therefore, I decided to treat him to a day out. It wasn't his whole present (I'd never have been forgiven for that!) with a trip to a car show in the area that featured lots of vintage VW Beetles. They were all lined up seemingly for miles, some in a terrible state of disrepair and some practically gleaming. I have to say that it made his day, especially as he got to take one of the reconditioned models (which apparently drove like it was brand new and had never been used) off around their little makeshift rally track. It took me a hue number of phone calls and emails to arrange it Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, so I was so glad it went well!

When the day was over, he just wouldn't stop going on and on about the day, despite the fact that it wasn't really the main part of his present. His main present was a bit silly, but still perfect for a VW fan such as himself - special mats and other bits and pieces to go in his car. They were Volkswagen branded, and I have to say they made the car look much smarter whenever you get in. Most people would think this was a terrible present or just a bit silly, but he really loves them and I think it has made him realise that his old used Polo is just a miniature Golf and will do him perfectly well for the meantime.

Of course, this doesn't stop a proper VW Golf obsessive from searching the used and new car sites online to see if any interesting models come up with unusual engines. We found a properly pimped up one last year in a remote dealership, it was a little silly but some of the professional customisations were very much jealousy inducing! I think the sound system someone had installed in another model was exactly what my boyfriend has always dreamed of! Thankfully he is pretty realistic about whether or not he will ever actually have a car with all those expensive additions - and so far it seems that he will be happy with his smart little Polo now and a decent quality high-performance Golf GTI a few years down the line.

Some that is the story of a complete VW obsessive, and massive fan of the brand! He is madly in love and it isn't likely to stop any time soon!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry Autel Maxisys MS908CV. Here he discusses Used Volkswagen cars.
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