Land Rovers can be anything from really quite advanced and technological, right through to the most basic vehicle for driving off-road. They can be all curvaceous and sleek, or angular, powerful and mean. They really are a brand with two dramatic and opposing halves that don't really fit together. When most people think about Land Rovers they will probably think of those huge chrome clad beasts that are most well known for their frequency of occurrence on the local school run as middle class mothers ship the children the few hundred metres from home to school.

The Land Rover Defender is about as different as possible from this common stereotype. This is a car all about function, and achieving goals, and fighting its way through hostile territory without even a glance backwards. In essence, these are powerful and unapologetic cars that tend to guzzle gas by the tankful and which have never even tried to look pretty.

So who needs to own a used Land Rover Defender? If all you need to do is drive on normal roads, then it would probably make sense to save your money and get a hatchback or even a more conventional 4x4. If you do spend a lot of your time driving off-road, however, and in situations where you require high performance and real dependability, then the Defender may be more your cup of tea. It is also one of those cars that people tend to buy with intentions to not only use in on the farm or moorland, but hoping to use it for adventures.

Of course, adventures would be brilliant in a Land Rover Defender. There is something about this car, perhaps its military connotations, which mean it seems totally at home covered in camouflaged and filled with khaki canvas bags full of supplies. They also tend not to break, meaning that you can race through jungle and across sand without as many worries about bits falling off - after all, a car that has high demands put on it really needs to be able to stand up under pressure. Even if you never actually get to explore undiscovered lands and find amazing treasures, you can at least imagine the Indiana Jones style escapades whilst you drive from field to field, or through puddles that are the aftermath of the latest rainfall!

Regarding performance in a Defender, it seems fair enough that you aren't going to get as much fuel economy as you would in a demure little smart car or other such city hatchback Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. You do still manage to get about 27 mpg combined, however, which is a lot better than it used to be and what old used Land Rover Defenders will probably achieve. These improvements haven't hurt the speed and power, thankfully, as all too often cars seem to exchange one for the other. Instead, this refined 2.4 litre diesel produces 122hp or 90kW and a class-leading 360Nm of torque with 90 percent of peak power on tap from less than 2,200rpm to over 4,350rpm.

This really is the aggressive car for people who lead demanding off-road lives!

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Land Rover vehciles.
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