A phenomenal amount of interest in classic cars a few years ago, caused much to be published and prices to escalate beyond belief.

This was at a time when an Aston Martin Zagato, racing car (that never won a race), sold for over a million and a half pounds. An 'E' type Jaguar commanded as much as £90,000 for what was a mass produced car (and so many were made in the 12 years of production). It is not so surprising that many enthusiasts were unable to afford an interesting classic.

These awards are not really so surprising as the Jensen brothers based at West Bromwich made extremely fine hand built cars. They were also pioneers; the first to provide disc brakes all round; first with four wheel drive (on a CV8); one of the first to use the wind tunnel for body design.

They were also well known and respected for their advanced ideas on safety. The 541S was the first car with seat belts, as standard, they also provided very soft padded areas above and below the dashboard Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. Door handles, and window winders, were all in recessed panels out of harms way.

The well proven straight six 4 litre engine is in a class of it's own autel ds808, set with triple SU large carburettors and linked to the Jaguar Moss 4 speed synchromesh gearbox, with overdrive, add to this, servo assisted Dunlop disc brakes all round. - Provides one hell of a lot of motor car!

The CV8 is an even more powerful car still, but not a British thoroughbred as it has a Chrysler V8 engine. There are certainly not many cars from the early '60s that can still be used as a daily car some 35 years later.

Readers will by now realise that I rather like these cars, that is certainly true, and we owned 5 out of the 22 made. It will not be easy to buy a good manual 541S as only 15 more at most exist.

They are identified by the chassis number prefix of 102 (there were two prototypes made with the chassis number JM EXP 100 and JM EXP 102) Autel MaxiCOM MK808. The hunt would be worthwhile, if one could be found, as such a car would cost less than an ordinary 'E' type Jaguar in reasonable condition.

My bet is that this situation will change.

The author owned a collection of Jensen 541S classic cars, winning a number awards with his cars, he has been an enthusiastic member of The Jensen Owners Club for many years. To view the photographs that relate to this article please use the following link: -
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