A recent study conducted to determine the vehicle repair data found certain most common mechanical repairs in Whangarei including electrical overhauling that can well be avoided if maintained properly. The top five findings on automotive repairs and maintenance are as follows:
Engine Misfire
The spark-plug on the vehicle fires at certain fixed time and delivers power from the engine Car Diagnostic Tool. For incorrect time in firing of the spark plug or without such firing, a misfire is taken to have occurred. There could be different reasons of cylinder misfire.
Leak and/or Failure of Evaporative Emissions
The evaporative emissions system control (EVAP) works to trap fumes emanating from gas tank. The system has a fuel tank, liquid vapor separator and vapor liquids that stop liquid gasoline from getting into the system and the EVAP canister due to the presence of purge valve in it. The fumes with activated carbon in full are trapped inside the canister. During engine operation, fresh air is let out from the canister purge valve into the canister. This results in trapped gas fumes to be forced back into the air intake of the engine and is burned inside the engine.
In the event of the system developing a leak due to corrosion or else due to a compromised canister, the system will show in the computer an “EVAP Leak” code. To overcome the problem, the faulty or leaky component needs to be fixed or replaced and reset the system at any Automotive Servicing Whangarei.
For proper operation of EVAP systems, tightly re-install the gas cap after refueling. Also, apply a good rust protection substance for minimum corrosion.
Too Lean Running of System
If the computer screen shows a "System Too Lean" code, the possible reasons could be a vacuum leak, bad injector, faulty injector driver, or a need for software update. The engine operating elements that are monitored by the performance computer are coolant & air intake temperatures, throttle position, amount of airflow into the engine, etc. These are the possible areas of malfunction if the problem code appears on the screen. The mechanic at any automotive workshop in Whangarei after identifying the system and determining the malfunction area go for repairing the issue. The possible reasons of lean conditions could be a bad vacuum line Launch CReader 6011, broken engine gasket, faulty sensor, faulty intake plenum, cracked cylinder head, warped throttle body, and much more. The best solution to avoid these issues to crop up is regular maintenance and upkeep.
Failure of Catalytic Converter
There are two reasons for the failure of Catalytic Converters, one being due to a leak from rust and corrosion, or internal plugging from excessive carbon buildup or else failed catalyst or baffle. The converter burns up the unburned gas in the engine exhaust while cleaning the tailpipe emissions.
However, if more unburned gas is led into the catalytic than it can deal with, problems could result. The catalytic gets clogged due to too much gas getting into it.
The best way to overcome the problem is to replace the catalytic converter. However, it could be uncontrolled fuel delivery for the catalytic clogging. Hence, it is necessary for the mechanic to know the reason for unchecked fuel delivery.
Failure of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System
This system is aimed to lower the combustion chamber temperatures so that formation of Oxides of Nitrogen gas are lowered, thus lessening harmful air pollutants. Due to feeding exhaust gas, the system is highly vulnerable to unburned gas buildup, and also electronic control issues. The complications of EGR result from wear of the valve with the passage of time.
For proper functioning of EGR system, there is need of a proper fuel system cleaning for every 30 thousand miles of coverage. This will lessen carbon buildup in the system.

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