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In the beginning when electric cars were invented, it was obvious their limitations would restrict their use to mundane commutes within city limits. The biggest issue was their lack of range, power and painfully long turnaround times. The third point immediately relegates the electric car into a subservient role to their Internal Combustion Engine equipped cousins.

The other point that exonerates the electric car is the zero-emissions that it offers. A fact that even the most efficient petrol engine finds difficult to match. The only other technology that boasts of zero-emissions is the hydrogen fuel cell OBD Tool. But the technology is still years away from being fielded on a significant scale. Unfortunately even with these positives, the electric car is still overshadowed by its lack of range and slow turnaround times.

Commuting within city limits, the hybrid only uses the electric motor but calling on the gasoline engine's assistance when needed. This constant variation in its propulsion reduces the emissions produced while traveling about the city. After the vehicle leaves the city and heads out onto a highway, the gasoline engine is turned on to provide additional power for cruising while at the same time charges the batteries for the electric motor. In an overtaking maneuver, the car's internal processor can momentarily call on the motor's 40bhp to provide an extra 'push' to aid in the overtaking ds808.

Diesel anyone?

Dr Rudolph Diesel's invention has come a long way in the last century. The very mention of a diesel car engine conjures up images of a dirty sputtering hunk of junk that always seems to precede a thick cloud of soot and smoke. The latest diesel offerings from most major manufacturers are a far cry from diesel engines that you and I remember.

They are now so refined that only the most astute among us would notice the faint rattle of a diesel engine. BMW, Mercedes and Audi have all invested heavily in diesel technology. Given the lower emissions and generous lumps of torque offered, it has made them a viable solution to our immediate environmental woes.

Now if only the government would lift its silly special tax imposed on diesel passenger cars and let us take up our environmental responsibility without punishing our pockets for it. I think it is time our government embraced diesel technology the same way our European friends have done.

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