Most people would expect the new model of a car to be more expensive than the previous one; especially if it has undergone a large number of improvements including higher fuel efficiency. However, the opposite is true for the Camry. For 2012 introduces a brand new Camry with excellent gas mileage and a stylish makeover exterior wise. The Camry is considered the flagship vehicle for the brand; it has been the best seller for the brand for many years now with impressive dales figure. The car has been the top selling passenger car for 13 of the past 14 years Car Diagnostic Tool. Over fifteen million Camry's have been sold since it was first available for public sale.

Changes for the 2012 model include some cosmetic changes, a few interior touch ups and most important; improved fuel economy Launch CReader 5001. The company introduced the latest Camry with a Hollywood type unveiling at the Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles as well as on the Internet and some other locations on Tuesday, August 23. It is said that the new Camry is very safe, has the best handling and is much better on gas than ever before.

Let's examine the mileage numbers; they come in at almost 35 mpg which is rather high for a non-hybrid. The basic version is said to have a fuel economy rating of 35 mpg. The hybrid version will receive around forty one miles per gallon making it rather comparable to the Prius. It is the first redesign of the sedan in five years. The car sports a sharper, more pointed hood, a quieter and roomier interior and more trunk space. Internet will be accessible thanks to the Entune sysem.

The most appealing factor of the new redesigned Camry is it's lower price. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the four-cylinder Camry LE with automatic transmission is now $22,500; this is a two hundred dollar savings. The SE is priced at $23,000, which is about $1,000 less than the previous model.

Top top of the line XLE is $24,725, which is about $2,000 less than its previous model. The price of Camrys coming with six-cylinder engines will not change and manual transmission Camrys will not be offered because of low demand. The hybrid Camry has a starting price of $25,900 and the XLE version has an MSRP of $27,400.

2007 was the best year for the Camry with over 470,000 units sold in total. However, through July of this year have been on the decline. It has been reported that sales of the Camry dropped 7.8 percent from a year ago. Obviously, Toyota has to rock the auto industry and it hopes that its idea of introducing a new Camry among other models will improve overall sales figures.

Analysts say that there was a time that a new Camry would be enough to jack up Toyota sales figures. Now they are saying it also needs strong sales from its other models to again reach the sales figures it had obtained just a few short years ago.

The competition is getting stiffer and companies are all competing to see who can make the most fuel efficient cars at the lowest prices. It's only a win-win situation for the customer.

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