With oil prices rising, save fuel has become the most about the topic of the owner autel maxisys ms906. Here will be introduced to you some save fuel experience by many experienced drivers.

Fuel consumption of the vehicle and the vehicle itself has close relationship. The type of car, such as vehicle weight, external model, displacement size and manual or automatic and so on, are directly affect the fuel consumption indicators. Generally speaking, the car with lighter weight, fruity and fluent external modelling , high power engine , manual control file are relative to save fuel.


Regular maintenance also plays a very important role to reduce oil consumption x431 pro mini. First of all, engine need regular maintenance because the engine have any problem could lead to oil consumption increase;Secondly, we mustl often change air filter, oil filter, or it could lead to the incomplete combustion of gasoline, reducing fuel efficiency; The third was regularly check the tire pressure and tyre wear degree. Low tire pressure will cause fuel consumption increase. Also, we shouldn't tire size optionally. Tyre is wider, wheel resistance is greater. It will waste the oil money .

Driving habits

The good driving habits can help you save a lot of gas bill, so the owner except planning the route good first to avoid traffic sections and reduce inactive box to reduce the weight of the car before you start off,they still need to pay attention to the following points.

1, shifting timely and fast, especially in the ramp.Shifting down the time is shorter, the more we can save fuel. Low file,high speed and long distance driving waste oil especially.

2, under the ordinary roads and suitable temperature, air conditioning is as less as possible, but close the air conditioning and open the window in a high speed should not be adopted more because the oil consumption of the wind resistance after opening the window is more than the consumption of the air conditioning system.

3, reducing the idle state, especially the long time idle and idle state run air conditioning need more fuel consumption;

4,Using the economic speed driving, general car economic speed of 60 kilometers per hour to 80 km/hour. When the car runs in the economy speed is the most fuel efficient .

5, reducing use braking, we best advance up the throttle to make the car natural slowdown through the intersection, hill.

6, Timely parking flame out, if several minutes not driving, the consumption of oil will more than the amount of starting the car.Also, timely flameout can save fuel, and can not discharging exhaust and protect the environment. In really kill two birds with one stone;

7, Soft starting and lighting t up the gas, don't worry, the anxious slowing down or accelerating will add the extra fuel.

In addition, especially need to remind the owner is that , because fuel heat and cold, and to sell by volume, the best choice to add oil is in the morning or evening and try to avoid the noon .

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