First and foremost, why do people want to feature their cars to the public? Is it simply to show it off? The answer is yes & no. Many car tuning companies will want to show off their cars to get noticed, to promote their company and to get business. However, reason varies for the individual owners, well some may say "show-off" but most I feel (just like me) is that - after all these hard work, creativity, money spend on the your car, you would want to ensure that all these are paid off, that people actually appreciate your work and to prove that it's worth the effort you put in and ultimately you get documentation of your hard work before you finally sell your car.

BE DIFFERENT: CREATE a whole unique car:

Your best bet is to start off with your mind to create something different and unique to your own liking launch x431 v+, of course according to your taste. You don't want to create a unique car only to hate it after the modifications. People want to see something out of the ordinary. "Specials" always catches attention. But remember to do it tastefully otherwise it will only attract negative feedback. Be creative, don't limit yourself to parts from one car tuner, you may mix and match with products of other car tuners or even from other makes of car tuners. I got several parts from other makes or car tuners and modified to fit my BMW. Some even create new parts for their cars in custom modifications.

I am confident that if you have a tastefully modified unique BMW car, many car magazines are more than willing to feature it autel maxidas ds808. Just think of it this way, Car magazines need cars to feature in their magazines every month! (At least five cars per month). How are they going to find these cars? If you have one and feel like getting it featured, get some good photos now and email them to all these Car Magazines. You just have to let them know the existence of your Unique car.

Bobby Leong A modified car enthusiast with wide experience in car modifications. His modified BMW M3 was featured in 3 publications. Check out his website #1 World’s BEST modified BMW at for more tips and modified BMW photos For more tips and pictures of modified BMW check out #1 World’s BEST modified BMW at . Good Luck!
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